Some of you have been with me since 2007 and may have noticed that I have been absent “on the web.”   I haven’t given up on Creating Success Stories, but have been focusing on how to share my work online in order to support more people.  I have spent the past year with Barbara Sher in her Write Speak class, learning who I am as a person and practitioner, and the best ways to share my work and gifts with the world.

I’ve spent time during the past couple of months working on an updated website. The learning curve for me is steep, lol, but I am committed to getting it done.  It’s amazing how life will support us when we are ready!  

My oldest friend, Lisa Miller, is helping me to develop a wonderful logo.  Lisa is a graphic design student and she has so much raw talent!  Stephanie Boettcher, my niece, is a gifted photographer (@StephanieBeePhotography) and has graciously allowed with me to share some of her exquisite work, and we will continue to create content for the website.  In addition, some of my Barbara Sher Write Speak classmates have shared ideas about their websites and more technical endeavors.  I am grateful for everyone’s assistance, feedback and hand-holding. I am surrounded by love and support, as well as human genius. 

Online courses are currently being developed and a schedule will appear in the near future. I appreciate all of you who have attended my live workshops in the past! Don’t worry, I promise to keep the fun, the quality content and the ongoing support toward your success as an integral part the online classes!   If a situation warrants it, I will be glad to provide one-on-one coaching to clients who request it, but my focus in the foreseeable future will be on workshops/seminars, online courses and, of course, the completion of my book in 2019.  Please check back frequently for upcoming events and to check out the free resources that become available from time to time.  Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better and better!

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