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WELCOME! It is amazing to “see” you here! There seems to be so much going on right now that we can forget to take time for ourselves, time for self-care, and time to tend to our own progress. I invite you to breathe deep, feel your feet on mother earth and rest, knowing you are held in this moment. If it is helpful, you can picture roots going from your feet down into the earth for grounding. Take a moment for yourself to do this gentle and effective meditation anytime you feel hurried, worried, scattered or unsure. The earth is always there for grounding, stabilizing, and resting. If you are visiting today to schedule a Shamanic session, please send me an email at I appreciate you stopping by and hope you are doing something wonderful for yourself today.

Currently, I am the moderator of the latest Barbara Sher Book Club for Refuse To Choose. I love the Book Clubs because Barbara and her work attract the most eclectic, interesting and kind people. Our next book club will read Live the Life You Love from March 24 through July 13th. Registration will open on March 10th. Watch for the next enrollment period for the Book Clubs and please go to if you are interested in future book club sessions.

A quick update-I am in the final year of a three-year very intensive and in-depth Shamanic Practitioner immersion! I am beginning the transition into scheduling sessions with clients… very exciting! I am partnering with Insight Clinical Counseling & Wellness, LLC to provide Breath Workshops at this time. Other ideas are percolating such as drumming circles, and an introductory workshop to look at Shamanism as a modality to support people in learning to provide sacred and spiritual healing for themselves!

The Springtime is fast approaching! It is rich with possibilities and so many blessings. I am constantly amazed at how the universe will support us when we are ready!  The Vernal, or Spring, Equinox is a day to celebrate the revival of life after a long cold winter. Our focus shifts from internal to external, from preparation to action. This is a time of renewal and rebirth…eggs are hatching, birds are returning from their migrations, butterflies are breaking from their cocoons, plants are celebrating the return of warmth with vibrant greens and flowers of every color, the trees are bursting with new buds, and baby animals are appearing in our yards. Stay tuned for more interesting aspects of the Shamanic view of the life cycles of nature.

On my journey, I have collected, and continue to collect, many sacred treasures of all sorts, mostly relating to nature, spirituality, ancient healing practices and the like. I currently am pondering methods of sharing and finding homes for some of these items that may resonate with others in some manner. This may take on the form of an E-Bay or Etsy platform. Please check back, these are items that are an integral part of our journey of life.

If you would like to be notified of free resources as they become available, please go to the “Free Resources” page and send in your contact information. I will be updating this page as time permits, please check back often for new morsels of goodness!

Online courses are currently being developed and a schedule will appear in the near future. I appreciate all of you who have attended my live workshops in the past! Don’t worry, I promise to keep the fun, the quality content and the ongoing support toward your success as an integral part of the online classes! Please check back frequently for upcoming events and to check out the free resources that become available from time to time.  Every day, in every way, we are all getting better, better and better!